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StrangeLove Tonic No.8 Singapore Wisecrack Drinks
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StrangeLove Tonic No.8

It's the 8-ball. Game over!

180ml / 18cl
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Taste Profile





The Why

A hard-hitting Indian tonic water, lots of botanicals shine in this one. Premium cinchona extract with bitter orange and lemon peel. It all makes for a cracking mixing experience.

The When

This is our grown-up tonic. It's powerful stuff. Use it when you want some oomph and some body in your non-alcoholic drinks.
Recipe: CranberrISH

The Who

Origin: Australia
An immaculate conception between two underachieving childhood friends produced an overachieving beverage brand known as StrangeLove. From a single ginger beer brewed up in 2012, to a comprehensive collection of Australia's best mixers, StrangeLove has always been focued on quality, Australian ingredients and eclectic flavours.

The With

This tonic is better suited for the more robust spirits we stock. Think ISH. It's also a great base for long slow afternoon drinks.