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Teetotal Cuba Libre
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Teetotal Cuba Libre

A taste of the Caribbean

200ml / 20cl
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36 calories / 100ml
9.2g carbs / 100ml, of which sugars 8.8g
gluten free
vegan friendly

Taste Profile





The Why

Rum…Mmmmm…, Cola...Oooooh…,Cuba Libre…Aaaaahhh! The flavours of the Caribbean classic come together, but this time they left the booze behind. Because it’s just not needed. A lovely combination of the smokey, spicy, vanilla flavours you expect from a good rum with the balanced sweetness of a top shelf cola. And a hint of citrus to balance everything out.

The When

When you want to role play in your pirate suit and still be up for action - perfect for that. Otherwise, anytime you fancy something a little bit grown up and a little bit sweet.

The Who

Origin: UK
 The brain child of The Temperance Spirit Company, three lads from Yorkshire who set out to recreate some of the classic American highball style drinks from the era of temperance and Prohibition. 

The With

The Temperance Spirit Company choose as their logo the remarkable Carrie Nation, also known as Hatchet Granny, a renowned campaigner for the temperance movement who earned a reputation for smashing taverns with a hatchet!