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The Apple Thief Pink Lady Non Alcoholic Cider
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The Apple Thief Pink Lady Non Alcoholic Cider

The same hands that grow the apples make the cider

330ml / 33cl
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56 calories / 100ml
14.0g carbs, of which sugars 10.9g
gluten free
vegan friendly

Taste Profile





The Why

The Apple Thief has stolen our heart. Lovely and complex. Tart with a savoury, yeasty back palate. But the Pink Lady apples shine through (as they would), delivering a lingering sweetness that is always pleasant and never overpowering. Non alcoholic ciders can skew too sweet for some. Not this one. It gets the balance spot on!

The When

Gosh, this is such a terrific drink. Not too sweet to have with a meal. Complex enough to linger over. But refreshing enough to make it drinkable. This could almost be a 24/7 go to!

The Who

Origin: Australia
 You know cider is going to be good when it’s made by the same guy who grows and picks the apples. Dave Purcell (top bloke) is an apple grower in scenic Batlow, home to arguably Australia’s greatest apple orchards. He grows the apples, picks ‘em, and puts ’em in a bottle. This is as real and authentic as it gets.