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Vera Gino

A #wise_af gin, made the old fashioned way

500ml / 50cl
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0 calories / 100ml
0g carbs / 100ml of which sugars 0g
gluten free
vegan friendly

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The Why

Built on all natural botanicals sourced from near the distillery. This is made the old fashioned way. And boy does it deliver! Citrus and cardamom mix it up with the earthy and piney notes of fresh juniper, ending with a traditional bitter finish care of angelica. The English couldn't have done it better themselves.

The When

Made to be mixed simply. Or mixed into someting complex. This lines up like a gin. Use it whenever a gin seems like the right thing. And also when it doesn't. Because, well, #wise_af.
Recipe: Bae

The Who

Origin: Slovenia
Created by the latest generation of an old family of distillers on the Adriatic coast. These guys have taken the traditional distillation process developed by their family and made it #wise_af, but without sacrificing a commitment to only the freshest, best quality ingredients.

The With

If you like your gin #wise_af, this one's for you.