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V.I.B.E. Rhubarb non alcoholic gin Singapore Wisecrack Drinks
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V.I.B.E. Rhubarb

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb...

500ml / 50cl
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0 calories / 100ml
0.0g carbs / 100ml of which sugars 0g
gluten free
vegan friendly

Taste Profile





The Why

Forget your usual gin botancials. It's pink gin. It's rhubarb gin. It''s...different...and it's delicious! The gin basics are all there, but the rhubarb gives it a delicious and delicately sweet twist. Not to mention, it's just really pretty to look at.

The When

The unique flavours of this little pinky pie means it's best served simply. Soda or tonic are the go to mixers. Lunch and cocktail hour are the go to times.

The Who

Origin: England
Made in copper stills in England, the old fashioned way.